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Key Management Centre


As a supply authority, you need the best tools to manage your Supply Group Codes (SGC), approved Meter Manufacturers and Vending System Operators. The STS Key Management System gives you the edge.

Product Advantage

The Key Management System supports STS standard 600-4-2 for key management using internationally accepted algorithms such as AES and Elliptic curve.

Key Features

Industry Leading Risk Management and Control

Vending Authorisation

  • The load authorisation feature now allows SGC owners to authorise which Vending Systems have access to Vend to their SGC’s.

Vending Key Expiry

  • SGC owners can enable Vending Key Expiry, ensuring that each Vending Key has a limit life should they wish to change Vending System Operators.

Usage Limits

  • Vending Key Usage Limits can also be set by SGC owners, allowing full control of usage of their Vending Keys

Online Test System

Prism is offering an online test Key Management System (KMS) service that can generate test STS6 Key Load File (KLF) on demand that contain CTS (Compliance Test Specification) test vending keys for customers who have purchased an STS6 Security Module (SM). The Prism Test KMS service is for these customers who are developing their own vending system software (POS) and need to test the process of instructing the SM to generate Vending Key Load Request (VKLOADREQ) and to then load the test keys from the STS6 KLF, from KMS, into the SM.

After the VKLOADREQ has been generated by the SM, the customer can login to the Prism Test KMS and submit the VKLOADREQ. The STS6 KLF will then be generated by the KMS and made available for download. Once downloaded the customer can take the STS6 KLF and load the keys into their SM. As the Prism Test KMS is based on the STS600 KMS, customers can be confident they have tested the parts of their software which interact with the KMS properly before certifying their software with the STSA and because this service is available online the process can be repeated multiple times while the customer is developing their software.

Contact info@prism.co.za to request the URL and login details for the test KMS

Our Customers


The STS Association

The STS Association implemented the primary Key Management System, which manages all international SGCs.


Eskom is the first Supply Authority worldwide to implement the Key Management System. Eskom currently manages all of their SGCs issued globally on behalf of the STS Association. The option is available for other countries or large utilities to operate their own Key Management System under guidance and codes of practice as defined by the STS association.

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3rd Floor, President Place, Cnr Jan Smuts Ave & Bolton Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg, SA

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+27 11 442 5908