PrismVend STS Vending Software


PrismVend is a comprehensive and powerful yet user-friendly web-based vending management software application. Efficiently manage your vending routes via the self-contained, stand-alone platform. Even if you are emerging in the vending industry, you will profit from this software application. If you own or manage a vending operation, this tool is indispensable.

PrismVend is built on PrismToken, which STS certified, which means it is interoperable with any STS certified meters irrespective of their brand.

It may be used in conjunction with either of these STS Edition 2 Hardware Security Modules (HSM):

  • TSM250 – USB security module with STS65V1x firmware – For low cost, low-speed applications.
  • TSM500i NSS with STS64V1x firmware – for high speed, hosted convenience, and operating system independence.
  • TSMWeb uses a hardware security module with its security benefits and features.


When used with a TSM250 USB:
  • Setup hardware via USB to PC
  • Connect to software via HTTP interface; Install TSMWeb on a Windows PC, server, or laptop.
  • Use Firefox or Chrome Web Browser and enter the IP address.

Visit as the URL to access an online link to the TSMWeb STS Test Vending System. It has an HTTP interface for requesting and issuing tokens over a Web Interface. Prism supplies the API specification, which uses port 8080 on the IP address. You can see “How to vend a token”, and refer to the user guide.

When used with the TSM500i NSS:

PrismVend is pre-installed on the NSS and ready to operate immediately. Simply connect to your network, power on and access the NSS from a web browser.


Key Features

  1. Vend Credit Update, Management and Key Change Tokens
  2. Set users with customised roles and permissions
  3. Add and configure meters, (Set STS parameters, name them and group them)
  4. Set tariffs and fees
  5. Run Reports
  6. Verify Tokens
  7. Bulk Meter Registration and Key Changes via a CSV file.
  8. Upload Keyfiles
  9. Customise preferences, such as limits, currency symbol, security and many more.
  10. User Guides and documents are pre-installed for easy reference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the target audience?

A: Anyone wanting to vend tokens for a group of STS meters at the lowest possible setup and operational cost.

  • The current user list ranges from entire DISCO’s, Municipalities to wine farms, caravan parks, flats, complexes, housing associations and even consultants assisting with STS integration.
Q: Why Pay for Special Software?

A: The primary reasons for using the TSMweb STS vending software is:

  • You can become operational immediately without development, and certification costs. All you need is a Supply Group Code (SGC) and TSMweb STS.
  • Investing in specialised vending software can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your vending business, focus on your core business and let Prism manage the technical complexities.
  • The software and security module are licensed, which includes software upgrades, hardware support and extended warranty including migration to the STS Edition 2 and the PrismVend (The STS6 version of TSMweb STS).
  • No other vending system can offer this peace of mind.
Q: Can the vending system be hosted?

A: Host the vending software anywhere, or have it hosted by Prism in a secure data centre.

Q: Does this system allow for remote vending?

A: “Yes”, it can be accessed via an HTTP interface.

Q: How Many SGC’s can it support?

A: The TSM250 can support up to 80, and the TSM500 version can support up to 1,000.

Q: How many meters can it support?

A: There is no limit.

STS Prepayment Solutions/
Payment (EFT) HSM Solutions

+27 31 267 5500

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STS Prepayment Solutions/
Payment (EFT) HSM Solutions

+27 31 267 5500

6 Sookai Place, Westville,
Kwazulu Natal,
South Africa